Robert Djerejian AIA

With my experience of coordinating all aspects of the design process from concept to implementation, I am able to provide services for clients, users, and providers to expedite the process for seamless communication.  This optimizes results for all members of the team throughout the design process by drawing on my experience in senior management and marketing roles for architecture, planning, engineering, real estate, and manufacturing industries.

Over 30 years of managing a whole range of projects regardless of scale, has given me an overview of the full spectrum of all that is involved in the complex area of a built-in environment.  This equips me to accommodate the needs of private individuals, government agencies, and corporate clients.  My services are available to lead a team for the owner/client insuring that all the professionals involved meet their contractual responsibilities adequately and in a timely manner, carrying out the process as proposed.

As an advisor to any one member of the team, I bring conceptual alternatives, programming determinations, contractual review, coordinating meetings within program schedules, reviews for actuality time frames, and cost containment.  Within the discourse of the project, I will be able to provide negotiations or mediations to reduce any time devoted to conflict resolution between parties.  In so doing, each member on the team can rely on having a constructive monitor available to insure that everyone’s responsibilities are fully met.